Intrusion Detection

We Mean Business

Enterprise Fire and Security offers all levels of security alarm systems for your business, such as highly sophisticated monitored alarms systems using security cameras, smoke detectors and intrusion alarm systems.
We use the best alarm control equipment and detection devices, giving your system flexibility and ease of use. Our business intrusion alarm systems are custom-fit to protect small shops and large industrial premises and offices.
All new alarm installations are designed to adhere with the current intrusion standards. A risk assessment is also undertaken for all new intruder alarm installations to determine the insurance risk of the property. We can provide you with a full quotation to install a new alarm system, or to service and maintain an existing alarm system.

Motion Detection

Infrared & Microwave Motion Detection

Using dual technology, infrared and microwave, motion detectors are ideal for commercial buildings and advanced enough to distinguish between humans and rodents, particularly important in warehouses.

Front entrance and hallway sensors can be designed to catch crossing traffic when no one is in.

Video Motion Sensors

Security Cameras controlled by motion sensors can save your business a large sum of money by not recording active footage and only recording scenes with movement.  This will drastically reduce your storage costs.

Vibration & Glass Break Sensors

Layered Protection

After you’ve locked up for the night, our alarm systems can use vibration detectors or acoustic sensors fitted to walls, doors and windows to ensure that personnel are alerted at the earliest stages of a break in or if the device is being tampered with.

We offer wireless glass break sensors and wired sensors.

Door & Surface Contact Sensors

Detect unauthorized entry into your site with door and surface contact sensors which seamlessly integrate into alarm systems for needed protection and easy monitoring.

Doors, Windows, Cabinets and Drawers

If it opens and closes, Enterprise Fire and Security can protect it by using a wired or wireless door and surface contact sensor.